Essay On My Ideal Holiday

My ideal holiday is an adventure holiday on a desert island in the Indian ocean. I travel there by plane and boat. I do some animal and plant research and I also relax and sunbathe on the beach. I should bring a rucksack with food, a sleeping bag, a suitcase with my clothes and my mobile phone.
–by Katarina

My ideal holiday is a beach holiday in Spain. You travel there by plane. You can relax and sunbathe by the pool or on the beach, or go sightseeing. I should only bring a suitcase with my clothes.

-by Jelena

My ideal holiday is an adventure holiday in the mountains. You travel there by bus. You can do rock climbing, walk along mountain paths and swim in wild rivers. In the evening I sit with my friends round the camp fire and we talk and sing. I should bring a sleeping bag and a rucksack.
–by Snezana

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